I Love You.

         Pictures With Words. ;-*.

I Agree. </3


I Agree. </3

Chay Daddy. <3

I Love You Chicka. You Always Had A Smile On Your Face. The Fact That You’re Gone Still Kills Me. I Wish I Could Go To Bid You A Final Goodbye, But I Kno That I Won’t Be Able To Make It There. My Heart Can’t Take That Pain. No Matter What Happens I Want You To Kno That I Love You So Fucken Much. And That You Will Always Be In My Heart. I Love And Miss You Like Crazy. <3 ;-*

Real Talk. &lt;3

Real Talk. <3

Sorry. &lt;/3

Sorry. </3

If Only He Knew. &lt;/3

If Only He Knew. </3

Guy Trouble

  • What Should I Do If My Best Friend Likes A Guy That I Like.? I Meet Him First, And She Hasn't Even Seen Him Yet. She Has Only Talked To Him Once Over The Phone.


Why Am I So Scared To Tell Her How I Feel.

Would She Understand.?

Or Would She Go Ahead A Capture His Heart

Like I Wish I Could.?

Could A Best Friend Be That Cruel.?

I Want So Bad To Tell Her To Back Off.

But Will That Only Lead To Heart Break.

It Breaks My Heart

To See How Much She Wants Him,

But She Doesn’t Kno Him Like I Do.

I Kno All Of His Flaws

But I See Them As Beauty.

He Kno All Of My Flaws

And He Loves Me Just The Same.

I Wish I Kno What To Do

And Fast Before I Lost

The Best Thing That’s Ever Happened To Me.


congratulations. you are alive.

You Kno Who You Are. &lt;3

You Kno Who You Are. <3